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  • Case consultation & investigation
  • Electronic discovery case management & review
Not everything we read is based on fact, it often takes incredible patience and diligence to see beyond what was reported before you can see what really happened.

My tenure with the Colorado State Public Defender's Office afforded me the chance to see an incredible diversity of cases ranging from the DUI stop to the more serious multiple homicide cases. Being able to triage the case and work it in a logical fashion to ensure that the goals are met is essential for any criminal defense team. Knowing how to effectively allocate those resources within a strict budget of time and money is something I have acquired in the last 15 years.

One great example of saving time is to maximize resources on a case has been the advent of digital discovery case management. By employing Adobe Acrobat and Trial Director, case notebooks can be created and shared among the team so that everyone remains on the same page at all times. Combining that with the emerging technologies like Google Wave and your team can communicate on a number of different topics and subjects simultaneously.

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Case consultation and investigation
Electronic discovery case management & review
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