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  • Persuasive courtroom multi-media presentations
  • Re-enactments, mapping & animation
  • Trial presentation evidence management
With your jury as your audience, your presentation needs to complement your words like a well balanced orchestra does in a chamber hall.

Painters love a blank canvas. Musicians pluck those few notes just to find that perfect harmony. Poets jot down random words before they start forming complete phrases and prose. The legal profession requires that you have a command delivery to your jury in a way that compels them to consider your point of view. Technology has already established its place in courtrooms all across the nation and now is the time to start thinking of how you need to integrate it in your cases.

Combining my judicial background with my talent for visually articulating one's message, can make me a valuable member of your criminal defense team. I can assist in the creation, design and production of your visual message. Even if you were just looking to get some ideas, I can also help you brainstorm different avenues you could take with the demonstrative side of your case. The end goal of any visual production should be concise, complementary and impactful so that works alongside your oratory.

Creating these visual productions widely depends on the needs and goals for the end product. I have a wide range of tools and computer applications to get the job done. In addition to Photoshop and many other editing programs, I employ your standard edition PowerPoint as well as other demonstrative evidence programs like Trial Director for the courtroom.

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