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  • Audio/Video capture, redaction, editing, analysis & enhancement
As a videographer, I have a strong understanding of what it takes to make enhancements to various forms of media. Whether you're needing a VHS tape converted, or an audio recording cleaned up, I have the experience, knowledge and equipment to facilitate this process. Videographers have an understanding of several different file formats, codecs and other intricacies so that they can provide you with a reliable end product that serves its purpose. Part of my reputation is that I can get nearly any recording converted into almost any format you need for whatever purpose you require.

While videographers can edit, redact and enhance, I know the importance of making such revisions so that they can be legally admissible. By being able to describe each step of the process thoughtfully and carefully, it is my duty to ensure that the revisions do not change the continuity of the media. By preserving each step of the process involved, improves the likelihood those modifications will be accepted in the courtroom.

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