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  • Courtroom Technology Design, implementation and support
  • Technological needs analysis
  • Technical service support & consultation
Knowledgeable, proficient, competent technological advice without the hassle or the waste.

A lot of people learn technology through repetition, but it takes someone who can understand the processes of why computers and electronics do the things they do before they can be able to diagnose and effectively troubleshoot issues when they arise. This is why you sometimes take your car to a good mechanic who has a natural feel for cars instead of someone who learned how to repair a car from a book.

In addition to being able to diagnose, troubleshoot and repair most tech issues, I am a consultant who can help you find solutions to what you need. My recommendations are based on what is most cost effective and what will get the longest use/life for my clients.

Technology is constantly changing. By listening to podcasts, subscribing to online journals and updates, I continually look for viable applications in hardware, software and other emerging technologies to assist the legal profession.

The misperception is that you have to spend a lot to be able to do a lot. Thankfully that is not the case with technology any longer. Making an impact doesn't need to break your bank.

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Courtroom technology design, implementation and support
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